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Closets can be built many different ways. They are a highly customizable, unique, personal space and can be outfitted with drawers and shelves of varying size. If you are looking for contemporary closets in Houston, TX, Madeval can provide you with everything you need to finish your home renovation or remodel. We can install closet cabinets as well to help with room organization, giving you a place to store shoes, clothing, linens, and valuable possessions.

Before we start the creation or installation of contemporary closets, we will use a 3D rendering program to give you some ideas of what you might want your closet space to look like. 3D rendering creates aesthetically appealing, functional closet designs, and lets you modify them in various ways until you are satisfied with their appearance. This is a highly useful tool when it comes to remodeling because it allows us to get the design right the first time.

Installing a cabinet inside of your closet will give you that extra bit of storage space that you need if you have a lot of organization that needs to be done. Our closets will help you reduce clutter and can be created in any size and design that suits your needs. We can create something functional yet elegant, using wood veneer or particle board shelving for a very sleek look.

At Madeval, we take pride in creating the most functional and aesthetically appealing closets in the Houston, TX area and are more than happy to give you a hand with your remodel or renovation. Get in contact with us anytime for service or information, and get a free consultation.

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